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Have you ever wanted to get into this hobby, but didn't know if you would like it or not? Not sure where to begin and don't want to spend a lot of money trying it out? Well, we have just the thing for you!

Start with a Sherwood Starter Kit

Sherwood’s Woodcrafting Starter Kit
Everything you need to do your first project. You get Paint, Brushes, Stylus, Tracing Paper, Pattern, Pre-cut Wood of a Cute Dog Project, and Sherwood’s Own How-To Booklet (taking you from start to finish) ALL for ONLY $19.95 ITEM# SK-101 $19.95

Below is a small list of some Easy-To-Do projects. Click on each to see them in more detail.

Bear-y Happy Fence Sitters
Cute layered bears loaf in the sun and bring smiles to all who pass by! 2 Designs! 19"H x 21"W.
PATTERN# 1853 $8.95 (add to cart)

Lawn Patrol
Petite policeman gets your point across in a big way! 15"H x 11"W. PATTERN# 1850 $6.95 (add to cart)

Eager-Beaver Greeter
Layered welcome sign joyfully greets guests! 33"H x 25"W. Parts Req’d: Screws (1) S-230.
PATTERN# 1821 $6.95 (add to cart)

Big 3-D Blue Jay
A big hit with bird fanciers everywhere! Extra-large, layered bird is simple to create. 24"H x 21"W x 4"D. Parts Req’d: Rods (2) H-674. PATTERN# 1856 $7.95 (add to cart)

Birdbath Plant Stand
Make this in one weekend! It's easy and inexpensive using landscape timber. Precise, full-size plans and simple instructions ensure success. A lasting and beautiful addition to any yard! 28"H x 24"W x 24"D.
PATTERN# 1825 $8.95 (add to cart)

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact Customer Service at customerservice@sherwoodonline.com

Or, Simply give us a call, toll free, at 1-800-843-2571

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